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Can You Tell a Porch Apart from a Patio?

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You might not be sure what the distinction is between porches and patios. Let us tell you!

Spending time in and around your home’s outdoor living space should be fun. And even though late fall and early winter are coming, that doesn’t mean you need to retreat inside all the time. But not all homes have a feature such as a porch or a patio. Suppose you’re looking for ways to transform your home. The front and the back of the house are prime locations for upgrades. The thing is, you might not be sure what the distinction is between porches and patios. Let us tell you! 

What Defines a Porch? 

So, first of all, let’s chat about what makes a porch what it is. If you have an outdoor structure covered with a roof and opened at the sides, you have a porch. By this definition, you’d think pergolas and other similar features would fall under this category. But the real distinction is that it’s still considered part of the main house. Other words often used for it are veranda and loggia. The first examples of American-style porches arose in the 1700s, but it wasn’t until a century later that it started to become an icon. Walls, removable screens, and window panels are excellent options for how you can upgrade your porches. That way, you can continue to enjoy quality time within them. Maybe you’ll even sip a cup of hot cocoa while watching the snow as it falls gently to the ground?  

And What Defines a Patio? 

Patios don’t need to be attached to the home they belong to. It can be its own freestanding structure as well. Some of the most common materials are natural stone, concrete pavers, and poured concrete. Patios are also much larger than their counterparts. And when you want to build a patio, you’ve got to ensure that there’s a direct path connecting the indoor kitchen with its outdoor sibling. Patios are largely a landing zone for an outdoor kitchen equipped with tables and maybe even wet bars. You’ll probably also see paved patios using exposed brick as its main aesthetic direction.  

Picking the One or the Other

Choosing one option or its alternative is, ultimately, up to you. Since it’s your decision, you’ve got to think about the ways it can be useful for you and your family. Porches are meant to be functional, while patios are meant to be entertainment areas.  

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