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FAQ’s: New Homes

What are your payment terms?

Whether you are paying cash or obtaining a mortgage, 10% of contract total is due at your signing commitment. This 10% covers up-front costs and the purchase and ordering of materials with a longer delivery time. A specific draw schedule pertaining to your contract total covers the balance of payments. For instance, when the foundation of your project is complete, another payment of 15% is due. This happens in stages until the home is complete and the final draw is written.

Does Accessible Home Builders handle all construction needs?

Accessible Home Builders take care of everything you want us to take care of. Typically, we do everything related to constructing the home. Often, we also provide appliances, driveways, landscaping, well and septic, and water connections. We have also handled the of old existing dwellings. We will review all of these needs when we meet to discuss your project.

Can you recommend a mortgage lender?

Yes. Mortgage lending for new construction is unique and not all lenders do not do it as smoothly. Ask us for our list of lenders and we will let you know who does is well in our area.

Do you only use your own plans?

No. We do have many plans on our web-site. The benefit to choosing one of them is we already have pricing on these models. We can and often do get plans from on-line plan catalogs that end up being the layout of work that fits a customer’s wish list. So, bring us your plan and we will plan it out with you.

How long will it take to build a home?

A new custom home takes typically takes 4 to 6 months to build. Of course, the actual time is dependent on the size and complexity of the home but also weather and other factors outside of our control. Yet, with 28 years of experience, overwhelming 4 to 6 months is a dependable time frame for construction of your new home.

Does Accessible Home Builders have a show room?

Our office is Millsboro doubles as a showroom. We have samples of all materials we offer for choosing what you want and for choosing what color and/or pattern you want.

What if I don’t like a selection you offer?

We have many options to choose from, but, occasionally we have a customer who has an eye for something we do not offer regularly. No worries! If you can identify what you want we can track it down for you. If it’s available, we can usually find it and include it.

Can we work on our own home?

Certainly! Maybe you know someone who is an electrician or maybe you are a plumber. We allow our customers to provide up to (3) parts of the new home construction needs. This is a material and labor option that you choose to do, and sometimes we will remove our cost from the quote and simply communicate to Accessible Home Builders when that task is needed to keep progress rolling.