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FAQ’s: Home Improvements

Are estimates free?

Estimates are free and come with no obligation.

Do you finance?

We do not offer financing but we can recommend local lenders who our previous customers have used with good success.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms include a deposit that depends on the size and complexity of your project. Typically, this deposit is one-third of the contract total. After the deposit, a specific payment (draw) schedule is detailed. This schedule is included in the contract and is specific to your project to cover the draws of the project until completion.

How busy are you?

Usually our answer is “very”. With our use of our own staff, plus carefully selected sub- contractors, we have multiple projects underway at the same time. Our skilled site supervisors keep you informed of your schedule and keep your project moving until completion.

When can you start?

This changes from time to time and can depend on the type of project it is and what is needed (ie, permits, HOA approval, etc…). Usually, commencement will begin 30 to 60 days from contract signing.

What is Accessible Builders square footage cost?

This question is often asked about various addition projects such as a garage, great room addition, screened porches and more. We do not have a square footage price. We have learned that every project is unique and dependent on your specific “must haves” as well as site specific conditions. We have found that square foot pricing is very seldom helpful or correct. We will take the time to discuss what you want and how the room will be used. We will take measurements, pictures and notes of your existing home to give you the lowest price we can.

Is this (project type) something you do?

We do and have done just about any project a customer may desire. Including:

  • Garages Decks
  • Sun Rooms
  • Additions
  • Bath Remodel
  • Condo Remodel
  • Exterior Remodel
  • In-law suites
  • Screened porches
  • Great Rooms
  • Town House Remodel

And many others! We do not do small handy-man type projects such as or change hardware on your cabinets.

Do we get to pick out our materials and colors?

Yes! When we meet with you to discuss your project, please list any specific flooring or finishes you want. You will also have the chance to select the colors of all materials – flooring, counter-tops, siding, roofing, paint.