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5 Creative Placements for Wall Niches

wall niches accessible home builders delaware

Take a few minutes to contemplate your wishlist for custom features that you couldn’t incorporate in your previous homes. One of those features could be a set of wall niches.

Your custom home should be your dream house. You need to work with reliable home builders that you know will provide the highest quality for that to happen. Take a few minutes to contemplate your wishlist for custom features that you couldn’t incorporate in your previous homes. One of those features could be a set of wall niches. But the real question is, where can they go? Let us show you the way! 

A Pair of Niches in the Kitchen 

You could always use some extra storage space in the kitchen. After all, an organized kitchen is an efficient one. If your past residences included kitchen wall niches, take that idea up a notch. In this case, two is better than one. The additional niche can be shaped like a pyramid to help direct traffic flow when it comes to organizing small kitchen appliances such as toasters and coffee makers. 

One in Your Private Library 

Then, consider where your private library is hidden. Even if you can’t afford one of those nifty trick bookcases, that should not dissuade you from trying something unconventional by comparison. Peel and stick wood panels grant the nook a magnificent look, and with a bench, some cushions, and a cutout for book storage, all you need next is a snack or a drink!  

Converted into a Sleeping Nest 

Even with full-size bedrooms in your home, finding a cozy place to nap can be tricky. Why not consider the option of converting a wall niche into a sleeping nest?  Small lofts serve multiple purposes – while you could use them to store luggage or offseason clothes, adding in a cot and ladder work just as well. 

Have Your Own Corner Office 

Hybrid work schedules and remote flexibility are becoming the norm. Sure, you might be able to fit your office setup into your bedroom or a third bedroom, but that might then cramp your ability to relax or “switch off” from your workday. Instead, consider transplanting your office configuration into the wall niches you’ve integrated into your home. Some well-placed shelves and seating can make the magic happen! 

Add Something to Your Living Room

Wall niches work in virtually every room of your home. So why not make your living or family gathering spot even more convenient? With fall just starting, it’s a great time to stack up some firewood for your fireplace! 

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