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Brush Up on These Crucial Home Builder Vocabulary Words!

home builder vocabulary accessible builders delaware DE

Think back to your time in school – review these basic home builder vocab terms!

How much do you really know about the home building process? When you’re a newcomer, doing your homework and putting in the research goes a long way. Even so, after performing all the due diligence regarding permits, easements, and construction requirements, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds and end up confused by all of the industry terminologies. Since that is the case, what options do you have to keep this from happening? Well, think back to your time in school – review these basic home builder vocab terms!


The budget is the easiest to understand. After all, it just refers to the amount of money you can dedicate to the project. Your monthly household budget is already earmarked for necessities such as groceries, bills, and mortgage payments. Likewise, your budget for a custom home falls along these lines. The budget determines how feasible your dream home is. That’s why it’s so important to get accurate estimates and fair quotes. 

General Contractor 

The general contractor is the overseer who gets the project done. You’ve got to have a general contractor who is on the ball at all times; they’re attentive to detail, trustworthy, and perhaps most importantly of all, they’re easy to get along and work with. Past references, bond, and license credentials can help you determine who your best home builder partner will be.  


It may sound odd that you need to distinguish between general contractors and sub-contractors. Even so, answering that question is essential. The general contractor typically manages their subs and reallocates workers as needed. Since subcontractors are almost always busy, the regular crew your GC relies on might not be available when you want to get your project started. 

Building Materials 

Having high-quality materials can make all the difference. After all, you deserve to have a magnificent custom home outfitted with the best materials that your money can buy. Talk to wholesale suppliers and inquire with your general contractor about their brands to assemble roofing, siding, windows, doors, and home hardware. 

Interior Designer 

You can’t forget about the interior designer, either! This expert provides crucial advice on making the inside of your home as splendid as it looks on the outside. Besides helping you select the furniture and decorations that shine with your personality, they can help you define what floor plans and wall placements you should configure! 

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