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Break These Bad Homeowner Habits!


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What kind of homeowner are you? And what habits do you have? Some are good, and others are not. Here are some bad habits you should break!

Homeownership is a major milestone in life. Even though it’s such a massive investment, it’s still easy to take it for granted. Habits are hard to break, and older habits are even more stubborn. You and your family probably continually do these things that we’re about to outline below. It happens so often that you might not even notice just how frequently it happens. 

Slamming Doors All the Time 

Slamming doors actually damages them. It weakens the door frames, as well. While it’s easy to slam the doors shut, that’s actually inadvisable. Hinges can loosen and the door jamb can slip out of alignment. Both outcomes are bad news for you and your home. A larger gap in the door looks bad, but it presents something much more frightening: a security risk. Plus, the door itself will show signs of damage as well.  

Using Doorknobs to Hold Clothes Hangers

Another bad habit has to do with using doorknobs in a way that they’re not meant to perform. Hanging one hanger is fine. But the more hangers you use, the heavier the overall load becomes. Even though it’s not easy to notice, the doorknob and the hinges inside it will start to break. That situation also increases the chances that they will be dislodged from proper alignment.  

Using Bleach on the Toilet 

Yes, using bleach is an amazing method for keeping your home clean. Homeowners everywhere – whether in Millsboro, Seaford, or elsewhere – should be commended for trying cleaning techniques that can make their homes more comfortable. The problem is that bleach is a heavy-duty cleaner. Because the bleach is so powerful, it can damage the plastic and rubber components that the toilet needs. Potential breaks and leaks can lead to disasters if they are not addressed. 

Attempting to Use Vinegar on Grout 

Vinegar is another common household commodity. You can use it for cleaning or cooking, or for laundry. A savvy homeowner will attempt to use vinegar (and other cleaners) on other surfaces. The problem is that vinegar doesn’t agree with grout – and that’s an understatement. As a result, the grout starts to break down and ruins the way the tiles look. 

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