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Island Life: Putting Islands in Your Custom Kitchen

kitchen island

One way to add a ton of usable space to a kitchen remodel is with a kitchen island

When you’re designing your new kitchen, you want to make sure it has everything that you could need to be happy: space to work, space to play, space to relax, and of course, space to cook. One way to add a ton of usable space to a kitchen remodel is with a kitchen island. Your new island in your custom kitchen should provide counter space, storage space, and improve or match the aesthetic of the room. Here are some trendy options to consider as you plan your new custom kitchen island.

Make the Island Thin

Usually, islands are big, bulky, and often square, but they don’t have to be. If you opt instead for a thin island, you could work at it from either side. With the proper choice of fixtures or appliances, you could work at the stove or the sink from both sides of the island to increase the space you have to move around in. This fits especially well in open floor plans.

Incorporate Curves

An island that curves can give your whole kitchen a futuristic feel, like something out of The Jetsons. Both C- and S-shaped designs are gaining in popularity for island designs. Like thin islands, they provide the option to work from both sides. C-shaped islands provide a nook, where a single person can work at the stove or the sink, while S-shaped islands provide two such spaces. You also have the choice to add on to one side or part of the curved island with an additional surface, such as a lower tabletop, or a breakfast bar shelf. 

Unusual Under-Space

The under-space of your island doesn’t have to be boring. There are some extreme examples, like a massive aquarium, but you can make it eye-catching in more simple ways. Use mounted LED lights to illuminate the space under the cabinets to give the illusion of floating. Alternatively, opt for a visually appealing material for the support of the countertop, such as marble or natural stone.

Black and White

Black and white have been popular choices forever, but that doesn’t keep them from remaining trendy. A solid white, curved countertop to your island would look like a modern sci-fi masterpiece. Alternatively, embrace the dark in your kitchen and opt for black marble. 

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