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Popular Home Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2020

Popular Home Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2020

Following trends is something that can excite you. If you are feeling stuck, then scour the Internet for some quick inspiration!

Following trends is something that can excite you. If you are feeling stuck, then scour the Internet for some quick inspiration! One process that can feel like an eternity is planning out how to remodel your home. If you want your latest design to remain in style, then go with these trends that should be emerging throughout the rest of 2020

Adding More Bathroom Seating 

A shower chair can be more useful than you imagine, especially if getting in and out of the bathtub or taking a shower can be a struggle. Think of creative ways to incorporate more seating into your new-look bathroom! Getting a more efficient toilet, perhaps equipped with a bidet, is a good start. Don’t stop there – benches and stools can open up new possibilities.

Renovating the Dining Room 

Now that the big holiday rush is over, you can focus on bringing new life into the dining room. Most of the time, homeowners think they can only renovate the kitchen or the bathroom. Instead, emphasize the look and feel of your dining room, no matter how much space there is. This step is an integral part of the custom home design procedure, but you can still make changes later on. New colors, textures, and patterns can elevate the mood of the room. 

Rejuvenating the Laundry Room

The laundry room doesn’t have to be a spartan place where you just do the laundry. That idea only adds to the tedium that can make you reluctant to do your laundry. Turning it into a mudroom or giving it more than one purpose saves floor space and reduces clutter. 

Boosting Your Storage Spaces

Along those same lines, think about how to increase the amount of storage you have. You’ve heard of finished basements, but did you know that you can have finished attics? This addition means you have another place to relax in your home. Carpets can make the floor plusher, even if there isn’t as much headroom. Grab some blankets, sleeping bags, and popcorn, and you’ve got a nifty place to set up your next movie night!

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