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How to Take Your Spare Room to the Next Level

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The spare room is a viable alternative to these traditional extended living spaces. Such a room could be a guest bedroom that serves as the home office.

Let’s say that your home isn’t equipped with an attic. Likewise, it might not be feasible to include a basement. Due to flooding concerns, having a basement – finished or not – is impractical. Instead, the spare room is a viable alternative to these traditional extended living spaces. Such a room could be a guest bedroom that serves as the home office. But there are other ideas you can consider that would help fill an empty room with some real purpose! 

Getting Zen Up in the Attic 

A dark and decrepit attic is a common element of many scary stories. After all, it’s hot, stuffy, and much too quiet. What if we told you that it didn’t have to be this way? One misconception that lingers about the attic is that it has to be difficult to access and unpleasant to enter. Put in some soft rugs, a daybed, and perhaps a tea bar. Here, you can contemplate life and let yourself wake up in the morning as you watch the rain drip on the windowsill. 

Envisioning A Versatile Study Space 

This design idea is where that unused bedroom comes into play. Your adolescent children can have a private space all to themselves, even when it is just them studying or reading! After they have moved out, you can then convert this spare room into a guest bedroom or as an extra storage room to keep clutter at bay! 

Creating a Low-Key Media Room

What does your daily routine look like? For most families, life is so busy that spending quality time with one another can be a logistical nightmare. Suppose you happen to have a spare room connected to your balcony. In that case, it represents a prime opportunity to create a media room. This room can be the perfect venue to enjoy a movie, some snacks, and a family game night. Installing a fireplace is the finishing touch that can make this room even cozier. 

Your Very Own Personal Library 

Finally, you can curate your life’s library. Your spare room can become your hidden library, and you can even use it as a place to lend extra copies of books you’ve already read to friends and family. Then there will be a spot for them to go once they’re no longer in use! 

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