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Condo Remodel: Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Condominium

Condo Remodel: Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Condominium

If you are considering how to execute a condo remodel project, then there is no time like the present. Be sure to consult your condo board before making any changes!

When you work with the experts at Accessible Home Builders, you know that you are working with the best. After all, quality is our standard, and we take pride in that statement. If you are considering how to execute a condo remodel project, then there is no time like the present. Be sure to consult your condo board before making any changes! 

Ideas for Updating the Kitchen

As with many homes, the kitchen is most likely the heart of your condominium. Rejuvenating the entire living space should start here. Updating the cabinets can make much more of a difference than you might think. Lazy Susans, dividers, and pull-out racks can help you maximize your available storage space. Use granite countertops to tie the room together, especially if it is relatively small. Tile, laminate, and hardwood floors can unify the aesthetics of the kitchen, living room, and dining room. 

Ideas for Updating the Living Room

Another important aspect of your condo remodeling project is to bring new life to the living room. Wall-to-wall carpeting and hardwood floors alike can turn your living room into a great place to relax. Consider repainting the walls and change up the furniture and decorations. Also, pay attention to the trimming and baseboards. Even small details can stand out if played up correctly. If you have a loft or studio condo, then maybe you can use exposed brick. For the full effect, use neutral colors or darker wood depending on the color of the brick.

Ideas For Updating the Bathroom

The bathroom is bound to be one of the most important rooms in your entire condo. After all, it’s the place where you prepare to face the day or get ready for bed once you’re ready to go to sleep. Updating your bathroom through a condo remodel can spruce up an old, antiquated looking bathroom. The shower stalls should be updated, along with the vanity. Paint the walls and floors. Dark tiling can make an impression and use baskets under the sink to organize everything you need. 

Ideas for Updating the Bedroom

You shouldn’t leave the bedroom out of the fun. A condominium remodeling project typically involves every room. Use cooler or more neutral colors in the master bedroom; also use this palette in the guest bedroom if you have one. Take out the flooring you have now and replace it with either hardwood or carpet. Finally, play around with the lighting. While you probably won’t be able to rearrange the electrical wiring, you can use pendant lights and string lights to set the mood. 

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We are proud to be recognized as “Southern Delaware’s Best Home Remodeling” Company for 2020 by Metropolitan Magazine.  We work hard every day to provide quality workmanship and service to create that new space or the new look you want in your home.  Call us today to discuss your next project.



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