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5 Features to Include in Your New Custom Home

5 Features to Include in Your New Custom Home

Custom home features are beneficial for enhancing your home’s space, convenience, and comfort.

The process of building a new custom home can be a fun, exciting, and informative experience. It’s a process that gives you control over what features to include in your new home that’ll make your life more convenient and comfortable. There are many features to include in your new home that’ll contribute to your life’s daily functions. Listed below are five features you should include in your new custom home, adding to its space, convenience, and comfort.

Custom Shelves

Built-in custom shelving is a great feature to include in your home. A well-placed shelf can serve as a focal point in a room, enhancing its aesthetic while providing additional storage space to your home. Custom shelving can come in various designs, shapes, heights, colors, and materials to complement your home’s interior design. It’s ideal for including built-in shelving in rooms where additional storage space could be useful, such as pantry’s bedrooms, offices, and living rooms.


Featuring a mudroom in your home is a great way to organize, contain, and prevent clutter from accumulating in your home’s front entrance and expanding into other rooms. It’s a great place for storing coats, shoes, umbrellas, and bags. If you have pets, it’s also useful for storing leashes and cleaning off your pet before they enter your home’s living space. Mudrooms can be basic or enhanced with shelving, cubbies, hooks, racks, and a bench.

Walk-In Pantry

Including a walk-in pantry in your home provides your kitchen with additional storage space, keeping your kitchen’s clutter contained and organized. A walk-in pantry allows you to store items at eye level. It’s also useful for storing largely packaged food items and appliances that aren’t frequently used, such as air fryers, coffee makers, and blenders, without sacrificing your kitchens floor, cabinet, and counter space.

Higher ceilings

Higher ceilings are great for opening and enhancing your home’s living space. It also provides a luxurious appeal and does well in complementing a variety of lighting fixtures, wall fixtures, and wall art placed throughout your home.

Heated floors

Heated floors are becoming increasingly popular. They are ideal for environments with frequently cool weather and low temperatures, as well as rooms in your home that are cooler than other areas. Heated floors provide warmth through your home’s floorboards that can be operated with a switch. They are a luxurious home feature that can be added to bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, to name a few.

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