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6 Tips for Designing the Custom Home of Your Dreams

6 Tips for Designing the Custom Home of Your Dreams

When it comes to designing your custom home, you’ve got to start somewhere.

When it comes to designing your custom home, you’ve got to start somewhere. This means that the planning stage should take as much time as you think is necessary. Here are several tips for you to follow as you bring your custom home to life. 

Stick to the Basics

Pencils, pens, and some paper are all you need to start realizing the custom home of your dreams. While using software can help, sometimes something tangible can kick off the project in an exciting way. Put your ideas together into a list and things will start to look more concrete.  

Look Forward to the Future 

Our second piece of advice is to keep looking forward to the future. Your family may grow in the upcoming years – whether it is because of children or because of relatives coming to stay with you. You’ll also need a quiet place to sit, think, and work – a home office is an essential part of your custom home design. 

Make the Most of the Lot 

Where is your custom home located? Our next suggestion is to make the most of the lot that your house is on. This will help you determine where the living room and bedroom will be found. 

Focus on Features 

What features do you want in your custom home? Take a minute to think about all the amenities you’ve always wanted in your home – maybe a bay window will be more important than having a fully-fitted kitchen, although that is also important. 

Bring Function to the Fore 

Functionality is also important. The function and flow of your home will affect how comfortable you and your family will be inside it. Put bedrooms farther away from common areas to reduce the amount of noise you’ll have to deal with when it’s bedtime. You might also want to incorporate an open floor plan especially if you want to link the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room. 

Let There Be Light 

Finally, let there be light. Combining sources of natural and artificial light can take your custom home to the next level. For instance, put your dining nook to the east so that it will catch the sunrise in the morning. 

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