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4 Considerations Regarding Entertainment Space in Your Custom Home

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Is entertaining guests a high-priority for your custom home design? Keep these considerations in mind.

If you’re the kind of person who likes having guests over, having the right kind of space to entertain is an important consideration when you’re coming up with your custom home design. These spaces, like your kitchen and living room, surely must be designed in such a way that they can be used daily by yourself. That said, you’re also going to want to make sure you have enough space for whenever you have guests over for special occasions, holidays, or just because you want to throw a get-together. If entertaining in your custom home is a high priority for you, read on to find out four major considerations you’re going to want to make. 

1. Make Spaces Comfortable

Some tend to forget that while having enough room certainly is important, it’s not the end-all of creating spaces for entertaining. You’re going to want to consider everyone’s comfort. Sure, having adequate standing room is great for gatherings and parties, but you’re going to want to also include enough room for the right kind of furniture so guests can relax with one another and feel comfortable while in your custom home.

2. Enough Space to Sit and Eat

If you’re particularly interested in having entertainment spaces for holidays, you’re going to want enough room for everyone to sit down and eat. Whether that means a huge dining room with a decked out table for the whole family, a bar with seating, or enough space to sit in the living room and eat over a side table, you want everyone to be able to enjoy those special holiday meals. Open-plan concepts are also ideal here, as it allows those who aren’t eating to interact with anyone who is. 

3. Remember Your Own Needs

It’s easy to forget that you’re going to be caught up in all the logistics of entertaining whenever it happens. While having everyone pile into the kitchen may seem good enough, think about what that might mean for you. Are you going to be prepping meals? Can you still get to the fridge to grab drinks if everyone has to stand in your kitchen? Never forget what you need to be able to enjoy your custom home while hosting, too.

4. Overnight Guest Spaces

Adding a guest room or even just additional sleeping spaces in other rooms can be a nice bonus if you have people over often. Guest rooms can include their own bathrooms and all the amenities, or you can simply invest in a fold-out couch in case someone needs to crash at your place.

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