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3 Condo Renovation Ideas For Your Living Room

Condo Renovation

The right condo renovation can take your living room from drab to exciting and fresh.

In your condo, your living room may be one of the largest areas and is a big part of the design of the space. It’s a focal point thanks to its use as a communal space, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the comfort of your condo or for entertaining. The loose, informal requirements that go into a living room often make it one of the more flexible spaces within a condo, meaning that you can put a lot of personality into the space and don’t have to worry about function nearly as much as you would with something like a kitchen or bathroom. Here are three condo renovation ideas that can help breathe new life into your condo’s living room and give you a more enjoyable, balanced living space.

1. Choosing Walls

Your condo living room likely runs the span of the entire unit, or at the very least still has large amounts of wall space. Overdesigned walls can make your living room feel smaller than it really is and dark colors can be overbearing when used too liberally, so opt for something simple. An accent wall can help give your living room a focal point, whereas exposed brick gets the same job done with a more traditional appeal. If you want something rustic, wood paneling may be the right condo renovation project for you. Finally, windows are a big consideration as well and, if possible, most people try to take advantage of oversized windows to let in as much natural light as possible.                                                 

2. Picking Floors

Your floors are a condo renovation project that can be very situational. While many people like the look and feel of carpet, this often isn’t ideal when you have an open floor plan where your kitchen and living room blend into one another. For open concepts, most people use hardwood floors and an area rug to help add that softness you may be looking for from carpets. Just make sure you choose a rug that encompasses all of your main living room furniture, because choosing one that’s too big will make your living room feel smaller than it really is.

3. Adding Design Accents

While natural light is almost always preferable for condo owners, you’re going to also want additional lighting options. For wide open spaces, large pendant lights for chandeliers are a typical go-to, though you don’t need to pick an overly luxurious chandelier either considering how many options are out there. Adding artwork to a wall can add that extra touch of thoughtful design, while larger mirrors can help make a space appear larger than life.

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