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2022 Outdoor Living Trends

2022 Outdoor Living Trends

Outdoor living design is becoming an increasingly popular industry that focuses on enhancing or creating additional living spaces outside of your home.

Outdoor living design is becoming an increasingly popular industry that focuses on enhancing or creating additional living spaces outside of your home. As outdoor temperatures begin to rise and the spring season approaches, outdoor living spaces are being utilized more frequently. Here are four outdoor living trends that are being seen in 2022.

Outdoor Office

Within the past few years, virtual working and learning have become increasingly popular, resulting in a surplus of people working and doing school from their homes. Although at-home offices are great additions to your home, ideal for allowing you to be secluded and productive while you work, spending all day indoors can be unappealing and unhealthy. Outdoor offices are a great opportunity for you to work outside and enjoy the weather, natural light, fresh air, and other outdoor elements. Outdoor offices are commonly found on patios, decks, balconies, terraces, and other outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are another trend that’s becoming increasingly popular, as more and more homeowners are investing in them. They typically consist of an open layout that’s covered and filled with various fixtures, appliances, and furniture such as refrigerators, sinks, pizza ovens, fire pits, bars, grills, cabinets, dining sets, and much more. The versatility of outdoor kitchens makes them great spaces where homeowners can do outdoor dining, cooking, relaxing, and hosting events.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor living rooms are outdoor spaces used for homeowners to create an environment that’s cozy, relaxing, comfortable, welcoming, convenient, and versatile. It gives homeowners additional living space. It also allows them to enjoy the fresh air and scenery of the outdoors while still being able to perform tasks and activities typically done inside, such as reading, watching tv, hanging out, relaxing, or having family time. Outdoor living rooms can come in various designs, styles, sizes, and shapes.


As more and more people are beginning to utilize their outdoor living spaces for various activities and events, homeowners are searching for ways to enhance their outdoor privacy. Homeowners are looking for ways to enclose their outdoor spaces to create a private, safe, intimate, serene, comfortable, and relaxing environment that’s secluded from neighbors, trespasses, passing cars, animals, and pedestrians. Many homeowners are investing in privacy screens, walls, fences, and other enclosers to enhance the privacy of their outdoor living space.

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