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4 Great Ideas for Shading Your Outdoor Living Area

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We present to you some clever ideas for keeping your outdoor living area cool and shady.

Are you catching some rays in anticipation of a good tan? Sounds like a solid plan to us. That said, you’ve got to take the proper precautions to protect yourself and your health. Sunburn seems like a painful speed bump on your road to summer relaxation. No matter how insignificant you might think it is, it can lead to some unpleasant consequences. As such, we present to you some clever ideas for keeping your outdoor living area cool and shady. 

Hoist Some Sail Shades 

You might not know what sail shades are. Not to worry, because we can explain! They are actually a relatively simple DIY project. Take a wide piece of fabric and cut it into a large triangle. After that, punch some holes for eyelets. Eyelets in the corners and sturdy twine or ropes keep the shade in place. One possible anchor point is a set of poles. Alternatively, you could attach the shade to the side of the house

Try A Tiki-Themed Thatched Roof 

Another idea is to bring the beach to your home. Even if you cannot build your home closer to the shore, this touch can add some of that ambiance to your yard. As such, give tiki-themed thatched roofs a try. This tropical-style awning is aesthetically appealing and helps inspire your next vacation spot if you so choose.   

Choose the Screened-In Addon 

Screened-in porches and sunrooms make a major statement when it comes to upgrading your home. Most homeowners associate outdoor living areas with the backyard. If you have enough space inside, the front yard (and conservatories) are intriguing choices as well. Don’t go overboard and spend your entire budget on motorized awnings just yet, though. Instead, investigate simple screens that you can adjust as needed!

Put a Pergola Together 

It’s hard to deny how good pergolas look. These additions are classy and iconic in ways that other outdoor living areas might not be. With that in mind, use the pergola as an easy way to stay in the shade. Here’s something you might not have considered – such structures do not totally deflect sunlight. Instead, it disperses the sunshine, so it isn’t so overpowering.  

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