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Use These Five Materials to Make Your Home’s Exterior Walkways Stand Out!

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Here are some ideas regarding exterior walkways that might catch your eye!

Spring is slowly but surely melting into summer. Unlike fall and winter, the difference between the warmer seasons of the year isn’t as noticeable. It’s also a great time of year to get outside into the fresh air. Are you thinking of transforming your home in some unique and unexpected ways? In that case, here are some ideas regarding exterior walkways that might catch your eye! 

The Humble Stepping Stone Design 

One quick and easy way to add character to your landscaping is by using the stepping stone’s pattern. This humble design yields tremendous results. The best part about it is that it’s relatively easy that even DIY beginners can accomplish it in the space of a single weekend.

Colorful and Cheerful Brick Pathways 

You may already know this, but brick is incredibly versatile. This astonishing attribute means that laying out a walkway doesn’t have to fall in line with whatever your neighbors had in mind. Herringbone patterns featuring intriguing borders and other possibilities such as basketweave, running bond, and stacked bonds are also fun looks for brick pathways.

Using Recycled Pallet Wood

For the more environmentally-conscious homeowner, the concept of using recycled materials is bound to be even more exciting. Using recycled pallet wood, you can easily connect the driveway to the front yard – or the backyard. Since the boards feature some charming gaps, it gives vining plants to spread out and add another element of beauty to your surroundings. 

Going Grey with Repurposed Gravel 

Most of the driveways you’ll see in your neighborhood are built with gravel. Even so, gravel can be repurposed and used in more unconventional ways. They don’t cost very much and impart a fun and welcoming feel to wherever you intend the walkway to go. Choose flat circular stones and pair them up with scatterings of crushed gravel to make the most of this effect. 

Give Stamped Concrete a Shot

We’ll leave you with one more suggestion: give stamped concrete a shot. Concrete tends to be underestimated since it’s not the most thrilling material. But there’s something to be said about how solid and dependable it is. Stamped concrete has a certain layer of warmth that floated concrete doesn’t have. 

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