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Here Are Six Renovation Trends To Implement This Summer

As a homeowner, you know firsthand about the premium benefits of ownership. One significant advantage of owning your home is the ability to make renovations. When you rent a house or apartment, you’re typically unable to make a renovation. Owning your own home provides you with this unique ability.

Accessible Home Builders Renovations

Take your home to the next level with these renovation ideas.

According to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity study released by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, homeowners will spend an estimated $406 billion in improvements and repairs during the second quarter of 2022.

Most homeowners usually opt for renovations that increase the overall value and improve the quality of life within the home. Many diverse rooms and areas make up your home. So, keep that under consideration. With that said, read more about popular renovations you can do this summer.

A Renovation For The Basement

The basement is a room that homeowners usually neglect. Your basement can be a sustainable living space with newfound affection and attention. Compared to an unfinished basement, a finished basement can drastically improve the overall worth of your home.

Consider Space-Saving Ideas

Here you can get creative and unique with your design. Some space-saving ideas include building storage areas under stairs and installing built-in shelves throughout your home. Built-in shelves are great because they add space without accounting for floor space.

Give Unused Rooms A Purpose

If you have the luxury of having unused rooms in your home, give them a purpose. The space next to the main bedroom can serve as an extension of the room. You can also convert empty rooms into office space for a remote job or a walk-in closet.

Consider A Renovation For Your Garage

Your garage is often one of the most underutilized areas in your home. The garage is additional storage space but means much more for others. For some homeowners, the garage is the home gym. For others, the garage serves as a workshop. Your garage deserves a renovation this summer with fresh paint or additional shelves.

Repainting Walls Throughout Your Home

The paint on the walls in your house goes through a lot of wear and tear. Whether chipped paint or damaged walls, a paint job could be the cure. A simple and effective renovation is applying fresh paint in every room in your home.

Door Replacement for Main Entrance

A new door for your front entrance will make your home more energy-efficient. With a more contemporary door, your airflow is more optimal. A modern lock system can also make your home more secure. A renovated front door also factors into curb appeal, which is also helpful to keep in mind.

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