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Where Should The Laundry Room Go In Your Custom Home?

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Building a custom home can be complex, but worrying is unnecessary. Our team at Accessible Home Builders is here to assist you with any questions and concerns that you may have. If you need help deciding on the optimal location for your laundry room in your new home, we have a helpful guide to help you out. Be sure to consider these tips.

Consider Your Floor Space

Determining the available space is a significant factor when planning for a laundry room in your custom home. While it only sometimes needs to be its dedicated room, it can be located in the basement next to a secondary refrigerator, in the mudroom connected to the garage, or anywhere else on the first floor. As you build your custom home, you can help determine the dimensions of the floor plan instead of having it decided for you. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the available space when deciding on the location and size of your laundry room.

Where Is Your Water Supply Located

When planning for a home construction project, it’s essential to consider the location of utilities. The two main utilities to consider are the power source and plumbing lines, but additional factors such as drainage and ventilation must also be considered. By carefully evaluating the location of utilities, you can ensure that your project is safe and efficient while minimizing potential issues down the line.

The Overall Layout Of Your Custom Home 

When designing a custom home, it’s vital to consider the layout of the laundry room. Although building codes and land lots may limit the size and shape of the room, you can still have a say in the design. You can choose between different room styles depending on the square footage available. For smaller custom homes, galley-style rooms are an excellent choice as they save space. However, L-shaped and U-shaped laundry rooms are also popular as they are versatile and provide ample storage space. These layouts are practical and offer more storage options than galley-style rooms.

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