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Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Three-Season Room

Accessible Home Builders Three Season Room

Prioritize spring cleaning for your outdoor living space.

A screened porch or three-season room is ideal for any outdoor living space. With this area and extra space, hosting family gatherings is easier. You also have a reliable barrier in place regarding pests and insects. As the spring season is approaching, it is time to prepare your three-season room for spring. Here are some cleaning tips for you to enhance your outdoor space.

Clean Dirt And Debris

Usually, throughout the winter, your area is sure to have accumulated some dirt on its surfaces. You can remove it using a leaf blower, a vacuum cleaner if you have carpet, or an old-fashioned broom to remove all debris from your area. Any dirt within the interior of your walls should also be cleaned.

Remove Allergens Like Polen And Dust

Wipe all surfaces with a clean, wet microfiber cloth or dishrag to remove dust and pollen. Rinse the damp cloth frequently to ensure you clean the surface rather than spreading the mess. If you have a ceiling fan for your area, you should also clean it. It would be best if you also cleaned any furniture that might also be in your space.

Clean Your Screens

Warm water and an all-purpose cleaner should be used to clean your screened porch. Scrub each screen panel gently with a utility brush to remove dirt from the mesh. Clean the metal or vinyl frames around your screens, as they can collect dirt over time. Allow the screens to air dry after thoroughly rinsing them with a garden hose.

Remove Any Messes From Your Pets

If you have a pet, chances are they’ve left smudges on your windows and glass doors or windows. This can often be accomplished with just hot water and paper towels, with no need for glass cleaner. Simply clean the area with a wet paper towel and then dry it with a dry paper towel.

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