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It’s High Time to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

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Mirrors and mirrored surfaces expand your small kitchen and decrease the need for extensive renovations.

How much room do you have in your kitchen? Insufficient storage space can be incredibly frustrating. Likewise, you could be vexed by the excessive amounts of clutter eating up your kitchen island. You should be able to enjoy all of your cooking adventures and baking experiences, no matter how small your kitchen is. Let us tell you how to make it feel more spacious

Play Around with Paint Palettes 

One of the fastest ways to alter the vibe of your home is to use paint. Repainting your kitchen provides a relatively inexpensive way to add a grandiose effect even when you’re on a tight budget. Different paint palettes strike the eye in unexpected ways. A good example of this is when an optical illusion fools your brain. The right paint opens up your kitchen and makes it feel bigger and wider than it is in reality. For best results, use lighter or neutral colors. Pay attention to accent walls. Resist the urge to use matte paint; satin and eggshell paints reflect light much better.

Use Glass Cabinet Doors or Open Shelves to Full Effect 

Cabinet doors serve a specific purpose – they conceal cups, platters, or mixing bowls until you need them. But glass cabinet doors infuse a touch of elegance while allowing you to see what you’re looking for with minimal effort. Open shelving achieves the same goal. You can show off your eye-catching teapots while making them easier to access!

Incorporate Interesting Geometry in Subtle Ways 

Sometimes, following the latest trends allows you to rejuvenate your home. What do we mean by this? Geometric shapes and patterns are catching on, and it’s not too late to join the fun. Tile, wallpaper, backsplashes, and even fatigue mats or floor runners help add some personality to the room. However, if you decide to do this, proceed with caution. You’ll want to aim for texture and depth, but not visual chaos. 

Illuminate Your Small Kitchen with Mirrors 

Mirrors and mirrored surfaces expand your small kitchen the need for extensive renovations. Mirrors of all shapes and sizes bounce light around and reflect it more efficiently. Even mirrored backsplashes can make a difference – especially if you’re trying to integrate feng shui design principles into your home!

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