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How Many Stories Should Your Custom Home Be?

How Many Stories Should Your Custom Home Be?

Let’s examine the question put before you now: how many stories should your custom home be?

Have you been dreaming of your custom home? Designing your custom home involves making many smaller decisions that on the surface, probably don’t seem to be too consequential. One of those choices has to do with the number of stories. How about a rancher-style home where it is built horizontally instead of vertically? Or perhaps you prefer to have multiple levels. Let’s examine the question put before you now: how many stories should your custom home be?

Where You Live 

You’ve got to start by doing some market research. What is the size of your new home’s lot? What is the size of its footprint? These two questions will help you define what you are looking for, and then you’ll be able to make smarter decisions on the size of your lot, how tall your home should, and how much square footage it will need.  Can you fit everything that you need into a single story, or will you need multiple levels above the ground floor? Since some lots are smaller, the home will need to be two stories simply because the footprint is that much smaller. That consideration should be the biggest one guiding you along the timeline of your project because it can make the biggest impact on the outcome and the overall design of your new home

What You Need 

Do you need a finished basement or multiple laundry rooms? This question is also important, especially given the lifestyle of your family. Perhaps you and your spouse are close to retiring age and are now empty-nesters. It’s much easier to get around on a single-level custom home. One-story custom homes are for anyone who wishes to age-in-place and having stairs are just not an option. A two-story custom home, even without a basement (just a ground floor and an upstairs floor) can be enough for a smaller family with children or three adults cohabitating. Remember that when you live in coastal areas, having a basement might not be practical. Because you live so close to the ocean, you may also have to factor in the high water table as well.  

Your Budget  

Don’t forget about your budget! Overlooking the financial aspects would be a mistake. One-story homes don’t need as many materials and boast quicker turnaround time, but that shouldn’t be the only factor that sways your decision on which custom home design to choose. Besides, two-story homes are actually less expensive since there are less roofing material and foundation materials needed. However, they still need to be larger due to the presence of the staircase and the hallways that the staircase creates. Talk to a custom home builder you can trust, like Accessible Home Builders and you can rest easy knowing that you will get the home that exceeds all of your expectations! 

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