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Here Are Five Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Deck

Accessible Home Builders Deck Winter Maintenance

Winter maintenance is essential for your deck.

The winter season is here, and that means it’s time for your to get your deck ready for the upcoming spring season. Many homeowners take precautions by winterizing certain parts of their homes. One area that people often show appreciation for is their decks. Listed in this blog are some practical winter maintenance tips for your deck. 

Be Sure To Inspect Your Deck

When attempting to protect your home’s deck from the winter elements, you should take a thorough evaluation of your deck.  You should also inspect your deck for missing screws, cracked boards, and other damaged parts. Then you can make any necessary repairs. As always, you can count on the team at Accessible Home Builders for your decking needs.

Cleaning Is A Significant Part Of Winter Maintenance

After your deck has been inspected and repaired, it is time to clean it up. Be sure to sweep your deck.  You can even take it a step further by power washing it for a more efficient and straightforward process. You can always use an old-fashioned scrub brush and an appropriate cleaner mixed with water.

Trim The Surrounding Landscape

In the winter, branches and leaves from your yard trees are among the most common causes of a soiled deck. These elements absorb moisture, causing further problems for your deck. With this in mind, you should clip branches that may harm your deck.

Sealant Is Also Essential For Your Deck

After your deck has completely dried, apply a sealer for additional protection. Apply a water-repellent coating to your deck to prevent it from winter water damage. You could also stain it to avoid more issues. Sealants and staining products should only be used on wooden decks, as vinyl decks do not require sealing and staining.

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