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Four Benefits Of Investing In A New Custom Home

The benefits of building a new custom home over a resale property go beyond the appeal of modern design and amenities. From quality and personal customization to long-term financial benefits, newly built custom homes offer a range of advantages. This blog will explore the benefits of investing in a new custom home.

Current Home Design Features

At Accessible Home Builders, we are focused on durability and incorporating the latest design trends that cater to our customers’ contemporary lifestyles. Our homes feature open floor plans, spacious master suites, and large windows that invite natural light. Buyers can expect state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, energy-efficient systems, smart home technology, and modernized bathroom fixtures. Combining these features and the allure of being the first to occupy a space makes new construction homes attractive for many homebuyers.

More Personalization

Newly constructed custom homes are an excellent option for homebuyers who want to create a living space tailored to their needs and preferences. With a wide range of floor plans, finishes, and fixtures, buyers can customize their new homes, often choosing design elements such as flooring, cabinetry, and even specific room layouts.

A More Energy-Efficient Home

Newly constructed homes are typically equipped with the latest energy-efficient technologies, which can result in substantial savings on utility bills over time. These homes often feature high-quality insulation, energy-efficient windows, and modern HVAC systems as standard inclusions, which help reduce the energy required for heating and cooling. 

Also, these homes are generally designed to be more airtight, which prevents energy leakage and contributes to overall home efficiency. Another advantage of new custom homes is smart home technology. Buyers can integrate systems for security, temperature control, lighting, and more during the building process.

Decreased Likelihood of Repairs 

A new construction home has perks, especially regarding maintenance, renovations, and repairs. Since every component of the house, from the foundation to the roof, is brand new, homeowners can expect fewer immediate concerns than buying an existing home. This means the likelihood of encountering issues such as aging appliances, worn roofing, or outdated electrical systems is significantly reduced. 

Contact Accessible Home Builders Today

Here at Accessible Home Builders, we’re proud to say we’ve been building and remodeling homes since 1994. We’ve serviced Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, Selbyville, Millsboro, Georgetown, Laurel, and more communities within Delaware in that time. We work to guarantee a high level of professionalism, dedication, and the use of quality materials to ensure our customers have the homes they deserve.

To get in touch with us, give us a call at our office at 302-663-0464, send us an email at or visit us in person at 28412 DuPont Blvd, #103 Millsboro, DE 19966. Follow us on FacebookTwitterLinked In, and YouTube to stay updated on what we’re up to next!


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