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4 Options for Creating Storage in Your Custom Home Design

Custom Home

Building your very own custom home allows you to create enough storage to suit your needs.

When building a custom home, you’re going to want to consider what storage needs you have. After all, it’s hard to add additional storage spaces after your home is completed. As time goes on, you’re likely to accrue more and more stuff that all needs a place to go—which is essential when thinking about storage needs right off the bat. Creating a custom home allows you the flexibility of developing storage solutions that work for you. The right floor plan can guarantee that you satisfy all of your storage needs, which is why we’ve created a list of four options for creating enough storage areas within your custom home. 

1. Attic Spaces

An attic is a great space for storing away anything that’s seasonal and needs to remain out of sight. This includes holiday decorations or old clothes that are being stored for future hand-me-down situations. Whether you’re adding an attic above your garage or in the hallway near bedrooms, adding an attic gives you that extra space for anything that doesn’t need to be accessed often. 

2. Two or Three-Car Garages

Deciding on how large your garage is going to be depends on a number of factors. The first is obvious: how many cars does your family have and is there additional parking in the driveway or along the street? Secondly, however, storage is a big deal for garages. While you don’t want to pile up too many boxes, garages are good spaces for transient storage where you may need to drop something off for a week or so until it finds a home. 

3. Use Hidden Storage

If you’re looking to add a guest room in your custom home, you may want to look into beds that can be raised and used for storage underneath. Beds that fold up or can be tucked away allow you to have some additional storage as well. Another furniture option is to use benches or ottomans that can give you just a bit of extra room as well.

4. Creative Shelving

Shelving is one of the easiest ways to add some extra storage space in your custom home. Shelving near an entryway can cut down on clutter and give everyone a place to drop off their keys, backpacks, and other belongings once they get in the door. Shelving throughout your home gives people places to tuck away their small belongings without having to clutter up an entire table.

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