Our History

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website.  My name is Scott Lanham.  I am the proud owner of Accessible Home Builders.  Inspired by working for another Builder, my business was founded in 1994.  Call it entrepreneurial spirit I knew owning my own business was meant to be.

I have always liked working with wood.  From my childhood I have fond memories of being in the basement with my grandfather as he would let me “help”.  He would also give me projects so he could teach me how to use tools.  He would always say “Scott, you have to learn how to use the hand tools before you can learn to use the power tools”.

When I started Accessible Home Builders I wanted to build homes for first time home owners.  I started with the name Accessible Home Builders not because we build only for people with accessibility needs but because I wanted to help make home ownership accessible to families.

From those early beginnings I have developed into a more well-rounded builder.  Now we build homes for first time home owners through to empty nesters.  We build small simple ranchers and large two story homes with great detail and complexity.  I have always enjoyed the challenge of learning new things about building homes.  I consider myself a student of home building.

I guess it was the early beginnings that prompted me to work with Sussex County Habitat For Humanity.  Before Habitat I would meet with families who paid their bills regularly and could make a monthly payment but I could not find a way to get them a new home.  With Habitat that way happens at least 10 times a year.  I invite you to join me in supporting Sussex County Habitat.  Please visit their web site at www.sussexcountyhabitat.org.

I hope you will call on us and give us a chance to earn your confidence.  I’d like to add you to our long list of satisfied new home owners and home improvement customers.


Scott Lanham