Energy Smart

We at Accessible Home Builders believe that saving energy should also save you money.  That’s why we are choosy with what energy saving details we include in our homes.  What really gets our attention are energy saving details that save money and are quality improvements.  These are “no-brainers” to us.  On this list of “no-brainers” are sealed crawl spaces, BIBs insulation and foam sealing of air gaps. 

We were one of the first builders in Sussex County to adopt sealed crawl spaces way back in 2003.  Not only does a sealed crawl space save you energy and money but the mold prevention makes it a “no-brainer”.

Also on the no-brainer list is BIB’s insulation.  Not only can you get an R-23 insulation factor, the fact that it fills in around pipes and wires and other objects in the wall makes its effectiveness superior over Batt insulation.   Because it fills in so completely it also provides a sound dampening effect that in some locations is a real benefit.  Certainly BIB’s is a “no-brainer”.




Lastly, using foam sealant to fill all the holes, gaps and seams before the insulation and drywall go on is a “no-brainer”.  Using inexpensive cans of foam can fill enough air holes to be the equivalent of going from one window in your home completely open to completely shut.  That is a lot of cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer.  More than this, our home owners report how little dusting is needed.  Foam sealing is clearly a “no-brainer”.

In addition to these every Accessible Home Builders home comes with CFL bulbs, SEER 15 Heat Pump, Energy Star appliances and high performance windows.  Ask us about energy details that do not make sense to us.

Choosing Accessible Home Builders gives you the energy saving that makes sense.